December 2013 - John Ferguson Photography
Felix-CF148813Felix-CF148771 copyFelix UffFelix UffFelix-CF148795-a copyFelix UffFelix UffFelix Uff Fashion photo shoot Felixstowe.

Model portfolio shoot with Felix

I had a great photo shoot with aspiring young fashion model Felix Uff on the coast of Felixstowe. Felix is in the middle of arranging to leave for his gap year in France very soon after this shoot.

Whilst out jamming with his band in a London club, he was spotted by a representative from the British fashion label Burberrys. So what’s next for Felix, maybe he’ll become one of the UK next top male models, or star in Burberrys next summer fashion campaign? My fingers are crossed for Felix.

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The Security Guard. Environmental Portraiture

I love working on personal photographic projects, I get restless when I haven’t got a project to research or work on. This project came about purely out of curiosity. A local steel factory had closed down not to far from my home in Suffolk.

The factory was huge, very dark and quite eerie. During my second visit to the Cranes steel foundry I ran into 24 year old Daula from Bangladesh, he was studying economics at the University of East London. Through an employment agency in London, Daula excepted a job from a security company to guard the disused factory, mainly from looters and trespassers like myself.  “When I first started working here I was very proud to be in charge of such a place, its very big, but now I don’t like it here” he tells me. “I have to live and sleep here for two weeks each month”. Daula slept in a tiny one man caravan provided by the company, along side an extremely furious Rottweiler dog which he also had to feed. “I work to send money back to my family has well has paying rent for my flat in London”. “People come at night looking for metals, I see them, but I don’t want to talk to them. Sometimes I get very scared, but I do have my mobile phone, just in case”. He ask me, “When do you think the factory will eventually be pulled down?”

I wanted to produce a collection of strong environmental portraits whilst maintaining a cohearent narrative which runs through the main core of the story. The images were shot over a three week period, until the site was eventually pulled down and turned into a shopping retail park.



Security guard picture gallery



The Triplets

I shot these amazing 12 year old triplets this summer. The boys where brilliant, in and out of the water. The images where shot at Holbrooke bay in Suffolk.


South Sudan with Oxfam

This was my second visit to Southern Sudan. One year on from the newest country in the world first’s Liberation from Northern Sudan, the country is now teetering on the brink of a renewed civil war and a host of other problems, one which includes a major refugee crisis in the Upper Nile State near the border with Northern Sudan.

4 year old Awab Allah, proudly holds up his carefully constructed tank made of mud, syringes and razorblades. Awab, in a filthy denim jacket, loads the empty syringe casing with lengths of straw. He flicks the razor blade on his tank deftly, so it hits the back of the straw, making the missile fly through the syringe. It is a direct hit on his friend Adam’s tank. The boys laugh. “They are good fighters,” Awab’s brother Musab says. “They have seen so much war.”

Click on this link to see more of the story and a few more images.


Relief of Belsen

Here is my short film with Major Leonard Berney. Leonard, then aged 25, was a British Army major and one of the first soldiers to enter the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen.

He was responsible for the evacuation of the inmates out of the “horror camp” and subsequently became the Commandant of the Belsen Displaced Persons Camp, caring for 30,000 former prisoners. He was speaking at a University of Greenwich public lecture halls.