May 2014 - John Ferguson Photography

Getting on the Instagram bandwagon. What am I waiting for!!

johnkeatley copyGreat article about something that I’ve neglected for so many years, but not any more! This series of articles as really opened my eyes to a new way of using my photography skills, which can only be a good thing! Watch this space. These images are from a great US portrait photographer John Keatley. Instagram feed: @johnkeatley Best Of Instagram Portrait Photography

Driver with Veg Box-1 copy

Documenting Ocado’s home delivery service.

I was recently contacted by supermarket delivery company Ocado who saw a selection of my pervious work on my Behance network page, which is mainly based on my photojournalistic style of work.      This is the second time my Behance networking page as secured me new clients, which I suppose is ultimately what you’re hoping for when posting your work up on their site. It’s also a great source of inspiration too.

I was asked to produce a series for images for there forthcoming annual report. Images were also required for a new web and marketing promotion.

We only had two days to complete the brief, which was quite involved. We needed a combination of the ideal family house, aesthetically pleasing family members(who came down from Manchester)and most importantly, the right kind of lighting.
Part of the brief was to make the whole shoot look like it was shot on a summer’s day, the shoot was to take place in January!

I put together my team 1st and 2nd photo assistants Ben and Nick, digital operator Sheila and MUA Sarah. Arranged for all the lighting to be delivered from the Pro centre in London who specialise in my favourite lighting gear…Profoto.

The first set of images were shot outside and around the entrance to the property, I used a combination of Profoto strobes with small soft boxes with egg creates, plus my own Elinchrom ranger Quadra portable lighting kit.
The gods where smiling on us as the weather for these two days couldn’t have been any better, sunny but slightly overcast, giving me some cover for the hash January sunshine..can you believe it!

The next day prove to be much more of a challenge, both myself and the creative director felt the early images from the shoot were not what we were looking for, they looked at odds with the previous days images, we needed to change something around. We were now shooting inside the property.

I then decided to change the whole lighting set-up, moving away from the strobe lighting equipment and swapping it for Profoto’s fantastic HMI continuous lighting heads. The hours were fast ticking away, and there were some uneasy moments when I thought we were not going to finish the shoot. After a series of frantic phone calls back and forth to the Pro centre in Shoreditch and Direct lighting in London’s Waterloo, we just managed to get enough lights and equipment together to carrying on the job. The lights proved to be the perfect solution giving the images a more natural look matching the previous days mix-lighting set up. There was naturally some post-production required on the images to get that uniformed look I was looking for. The photo shoot proved to be a success, which is all you’re looking for, but it was touch and go!

Click on the image to watch the behind the scenes video with Ocado.