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‘Even it up’ on the Underground.

A great resource for Photo news


I’m always on the look out for the latest photography news, features on other photographers, photo tips and any other information focused on photography, but finding that one place where every thing is nicely laid out, easy to use and more to the point interesting, can be a problem. Everyone is time conscious these days, and since I’ve entered the freelance market, time is so much more precious for me.

I be reading that one of the keys to success within social media is sharing information relevant to your chosen / targeted audience. Well for everyone interested in good photography, the latest news on new equipment, features on the innovate and brilliant photographers plus a host of other photographic related subjects, let me introduce you to “World Photography News”

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Growing Pain in Southern SudanSouthern SudanSouthern SudanOxfam Even It Up - Poster Campaign PhotographySouthern SudanSouthern SudanSudan-The Birth of a new nation.Sudan-The Birth of a new nation.Sudan-The Birth of a new nation.Sudan-The Birth of a new nation.Southern SudanSudan-The Birth of a new nation.Southern SudanSouthern SudanSouthern SudanSouthern SudanSouther Sudan

Growing Pains in Southern Sudan – Even It Up

Growing Pains in Southern Sudan  – Oxfam Even It Up:

My image of the little Amir from the Jamam refugee camp has just been chosen as the main picture for Oxfam ‘Even it up’ 2104 nationwide UK poster and press campaign.

In 2012 I was sent by the Daily Mirror newspaper to Juba in Southern Sudan in North-East Africa to document ‘Liberation Day’. The birth of a new country, the Republic of South Sudan. A great job and a real privilege to be at the birth of the world’s newest nation. After years of bloody fighting and political turmoil between the Islamic government in north and the separatists in the south, it was agreed that Sudan should be divided into two separate countries. Sudan was the world’s 10th largest country. One year on from that momentous day I was asked to go back to Sudan with the UK Aid charity, Oxfam. I and feature writer Ros Wynne Jones were there to cover the countries first anniversary, to see how the country was progress during that last 12 months. Well its fair to say that Southern Sudan is running on empty, fighting as broken out again, the country is broke and the rebels seem to be in charge of what limited authority there is. It was never going to be an easy process, and self rule was never going to be a panacea the country was hoping for, but maybe it’s a little too early to rush to judgement. So these growing pains in Southern Sudan, the world’s newest country will have to be endure for a little while longer. But if there’s one thing Southern Sudan has on its hands is time, time to repair and hopefully move on.

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Chuka Umunna

Labour leadership.

This week’s press and Tv media as seen mounting speculations about Labour MPs discussing the removal of Ed Miliband as leader. Who could replace him?
Could this man replace Mr.Miliiband? I just received this pdf from Prestige magazine in Singapore who’ve use this image of mine for a feature on charismatic politicians around the world. Could Chuka Umunna become the new leader of the Labour Party?

The GardenerThe FaceThe BoxerListen to the MusicLong Shadows

My 5 day B&W Photo Challenge

I’ve just finished a 5 day photo project where I was nominated by my good buddy Mark Beltran to post one black and white photo for five consecutive days, nominating someone else each day. Entitled the ‘Monochrome Challenge’ It’s a great project that I hope to see carry on and gain momentum across the internet. Everyone can join in on with this, and I personally will carry posting B&W images from time to time, which is something I should be doing anyway!!!

Here are the 5 images I produced during my 5 day challenge. Fancy a go? Go on challenge yourself to 5 days of b&w photography…its brilliant!

Bespoke Portraiture..Imogen

Personal bespoke portraits

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I’ve just launched a new service on my Studio-Luxe website and it centres around a Personal bespoke portraits. So my first client was the beautiful Imogen who requested a portrait shoot based on a dance theme. Imogen loves contemporary dance and also as a keen interest in Ballet, so we used this idea as main theme for her photo session.

I also wanted a different backdrop other than a dance studio or a raised stage to take the photographs. One of my favourite places in Suffolk is Southwold beach, which is just beautiful, a little similar to a couple of beaches I’ve work on in Los Angeles. I was very happy with the final images, but Imogen, who is now on her first year at University, as some great portfolio images for her photo book which she’ll give to family and also keep one for herself.

Boho photo sessionBoho photo sessionBoho photo sessionBoho photo sessionBoho photo sessionBoho photo session

Bespoke fashion photo shoots


A Boho Inspired fashion photo shoot with Baccara

I’d like to introduce you to Baccara Ashbury. Baccara saw my website and immediately called me to say that she wanted to be in your own fashion photo shoot. Baccara has had some modelled experience some years before and really wanted to try her hand at being in front of the camera again. One of the services I offer at Studio Luxe is a bespoke themed fashion shoot for discerning clients. Whatever your interested, we can make your fashion shoot look fantastic. We settled for a BoHo fashion theme for Baccara and she looked beautiful! I hired a great farm in my area and also hired the most beautiful and funkiest looking VW camper-van in Suffolk. The weather was great, the make-up by Cheri Knock was faultless and the pictures superb, even if I say so myself. So if you fancy starring in your own full on fashion shoot, with top make-up artist and a top hairstylist, then just get in touch and we’ll get together and we’ll put together your own personal photo shoot.