The Art of Self-Promotion

The Art of Self-Promotion

“#TrumpDavidDuke New book is “How to master the art of being shameless and self promotion””

One of the most important tasks for any photographer is to learn the art of self-promotion. This thorny subject as for many years been a tricky hurdle to overcome. It’s gotten to a stage where it’s leaving me feeling a little overwhelmed.

There’s a fine line between bombarding one’s social media outlets with trivial anecdotal posts from one of my shoots or events, hoping that people will find them interesting or better still book you for their next photosession or commission. The pressure one feels to blog, post to my business Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, et al. every week, can leaving you feeling mentally exhausted and a little frustrated. Something which has turned into a chore rather than something fun.

So I’ve decided to concentrate on three main outlets – Instagram, Facebook and my blog. The blog being the most important as I’ve found it actually reaches further on Google than any other medium that I’ve used. I’ve picked up more work and enquiries through my blog than any of the others, which tells me that I should really concentrate more on blogging.

So most mornings(at least 5), I will spend 90 minutes on my three main social outlets before I answer any emails, make any phone calls, etc.

This post is probably more of a self-motivating post if truth is known, but I’m sure there are thousands of you feeling the same, looking for the right rhythm for this crucial piece of self-promotion.

Wish me luck!