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Directing opening Scenes on ‘With Love from Suffolk’

Directing opening Scenes on ‘With Love from Suffolk’

While up in Scotland this year enjoying the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with my family, I received a phone call from one of the producers at Film Suffolk. I was asked if I’d like to direct the opening and closing scenes for their latest feature film ‘With Love From…Suffolk’.

With Love From…Suffolk is a feature film of 8 short romantic tales. Set entirely in Suffolk, it’s a funny and tender exploration of relationships – while also being a love letter to our magnificent county of Suffolk.

I was originally asked to supply still promotional photographs for the feature film. But due to my other work commitments I was, unfortunately, unable to find the time to work with the film units on a regular basis. So imagine my surprise went the call came, I couldn’t wait to find out more.

The film being produced jointly by Matthew McGuchan and Julien Mery from Film Suffolk alongside a host of talented professional film crew members, all volunteering their time and expertise.
We filmed at the elegant Bruisyard Hall Country House, the weather forecast for the day wasn’t good, but luckily we worked around the showers. With the help of around 6o or so actors, crew, and staff members, we managed to produce series of scenes that even Martin Scorsese would have been proud to have put his name too.

You can see the photographs from our day on my fellow photographer’s great blog post here:

Jeff Errington-8 copy

New Promotional & Marketing short Video stories.

With the availability of great high quality HD digital cameras and the current accent on capturing video content for websites, marketing and public relations, its long been a goal of mine to film and produce short stories to further my services in my commercial work. More and more businesses large and small are coming around to the fact of just how important video content is for there websites.

I along with my assistant Ben are currently putting together a series of short video stories entitled ‘Made in Suffolk’ which centres around 4 completely different individuals, but who all have one thing in common, they produce a skill or offer something a little different within the county of Suffolk.

We’re currently working with a really great guy at the moment, 70 year old Jeff Errington, a deep sea diver from his base in Ipswich, Suffolk. Jeff’s works on the giant sea container ships that come in to port at the nearby Felixstowe docks, along with other underwater marine duties such as inspecting ship wrecks, underwater explosives to servicing the massive wind turbine farms in the East Anglia area. We’re putting together a short video documentary and photographic package for his company. Great footage so far, but we’ll need another dive job before we finish the entire video. We’re waiting for the summer months before scheduling another filmed dive as the waters are so dark…this side of the Mediterranean!!

It’s a really fascinating job, deep sea divers up close. Just watching the amount of preparation that goes into each dive was a real eye opener. It goes without saying that Jeff’s job carries a certain amount of danger so making sure every bit of equipment is in good working order can make the difference to a successful dive or one that can lead to horrendous consequences.

We’re in the process of putting together a couple more promotional video’s, and we’re currently in talks with two other small businesses.

Our first finished feature has just been uploaded to Vimeo and centres around the work of garage owner Roger Williams from Wickham Market. His passion is restoring and selling vintage Jaguar C Type 1 sports cars to collectors all over the world.


Click on the image to see my video.


Relief of Belsen

Here is my short film with Major Leonard Berney. Leonard, then aged 25, was a British Army major and one of the first soldiers to enter the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen.

He was responsible for the evacuation of the inmates out of the “horror camp” and subsequently became the Commandant of the Belsen Displaced Persons Camp, caring for 30,000 former prisoners. He was speaking at a University of Greenwich public lecture halls.