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Boho photo sessionBoho photo sessionBoho photo sessionBoho photo sessionBoho photo sessionBoho photo session

Bespoke fashion photo shoots


A Boho Inspired fashion photo shoot with Baccara

I’d like to introduce you to Baccara Ashbury. Baccara saw my website and immediately called me to say that she wanted to be in your own fashion photo shoot. Baccara has had some modelled experience some years before and really wanted to try her hand at being in front of the camera again. One of the services I offer at Studio Luxe is a bespoke themed fashion shoot for discerning clients. Whatever your interested, we can make your fashion shoot look fantastic. We settled for a BoHo fashion theme for Baccara and she looked beautiful! I hired a great farm in my area and also hired the most beautiful and funkiest looking VW camper-van in Suffolk. The weather was great, the make-up by Cheri Knock was faultless and the pictures superb, even if I say so myself. So if you fancy starring in your own full on fashion shoot, with top make-up artist and a top hairstylist, then just get in touch and we’ll get together and we’ll put together your own personal photo shoot.

_DSC0776 copy_DSC0994 copy_DSC8883 copyWantisden Hall Farmsfarm shot-6farm shot-2_DSC0776 copyfarm shot-5farm shot-1_DSC0994 copyDSC_0789 copyWantisden farm, Suffolkfarm shot-3

Putting together a new marketing campaign for one of Suffolk’s large farms.


I’ve just started working for a large commercial farm in Suffolk, producing a series of images for the companies new website. I’ve really enjoyed my experience on the farm so far, sitting in the massive combine harvesters, watching the drilling(planting seeds)process from inside the enormous tractors and other duties that have opened my eyes to the amazing efforts and dedication that goes into working on a large farm. My job as taken on a bigger role, with the added responsibility of putting together a small marketing campaign involving producing a quarterly newsletter for the farm, which is brilliant, and also an exciting challenge for me, and one which I hope will lead to other interesting projects like this.

Check out some of the pictures.

Kelly Rowland, photographed at the Houston film studios, Texas.

Working with Destiny’s Child


During my time working with celebrities and personalities I was very fortunate to have travelled all over the world photographing pop stars, Tv and movie stars, world statesmen and women, even royalty too.

November 2002, I received a call from my good friend Eva Simpson who at the time was one of the trio of young female journalists who made up the 3am girls on the Daily Mirror entertainment pages. She called me and said,’Fergie we got to be in Houston, Texas by tomorrow night, we’ve got a photo shoot & and exclusive interview with Destiny’s Child, can you make it?’

So there we were in Texas, waiting to meet the gorgeous Beyonce Knowles and the rest of Destiny’s Child. After an hour of waiting, along came a group of people who it turned out to be their agents, managers, PR’s, parents and anyone one else you can think of, but not the girls. We were in an enormous warehouse type building which was where the shoot was to take place. To keep a long story short, I gather all the bands touring equipment and used some of the sound engineers recording equipment, I was going to place the girls amongst and around this backdrop. The girls finally arrived and after a moment to greeting each other, I was asked to take over. As with these shoots,I only had 20 mins to get individuals portraits and some groups shots. I could literately feel everyone breathing down my neck, a crowd of at least thirty Americans watching my every move as I directed the at the time the world biggest group Destiny’s Child around my make-shift studio.The pictures turned out great, everyone loved my shots and the Daily Mirror used the pictures over two days in large double paged spreads, which was very cool.

I went on to meet Beyonce again in London the next year, this time I wasn’t so nervous, but she is a true professional, and a dream to work with on both occasions.

I’ve Hit The Big Time…In Suffolk

Faces & Places Article

I was fortunate enough to have been asked to feature in an article for a local glossy magazine based in East Anglia. Faces & Places Magazine wanted to know about my celebrity photo shoots with the likes of Naomi Campbell, Ozzy Osbourne, Jon Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson and so on. Check out the article here: http://www.placesandfaces.co.uk/in-the-frame/

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My Moroccan Adventure in Marrakech

For my recent birthday celebration my wife Julie & I, along with a couple of friends, jetted off to Marrakech in Morocco for a long weekend. Its over twenty five years since I last visited Morocco and things have changed quite a lot over the years. When I last came here there where no EasyJet or RyanAir flights or any other cheap budget airlines to get you here. Then, we travelled down through Spain via Ferry to Morocco on our very small budget, spending a month visiting all the major cities. But after all these years it still remains as fascinating a country for me, as it was back then, especially if like me you love taking photographic portrait pictures. But I’ve got to say Morocco is definitely one of the hardest places in take a good candid portrait, the locals are very reluctant to pose for you. So you end up employing your best street style photographic approach if and when you see something interesting, and in a town like Marrakech its every minute of so. You can also get lucky with some who pose for you, but only after a few coins have changed hands. It’s definitely a place where I would like to come back to for a longer stay, and travel the length of the country which I did all those years before, and who knows maybe I will again sometime in the future.

Boxing  Ipswich-8  copyBoxing in Ipswich-5a  copyBoxing Ipswich-2  copyBoxing Ipswich-4a  copyBoxing Ipswich-7a  copyIpswish Boxing-17 copyIpswish Boxing-18 copyIpswish Boxing-21 copyIpswish Boxing-23 copyIpswish Boxing-25 copyIpswish Boxing-30 copyIpswish Boxing-31 copyIpswish Boxing-32 copyIpswish Boxing-33 copyIpswish Boxing-35 copyIpswish Boxing-36 copyIpswish Boxing-37 copyIpswish Boxing-38 copyIpswish Boxing-40 copyIpswish Boxing-41 copyIpswish Boxing-42 copyIpswish Boxing-43 copyIpswish Boxing-44 copyIpswish Boxing-46 copyIpswich Boxing-48 copyIpswish Boxing-51 copyIpswish Boxing-52 copyIpswish Boxing-53 copyIpswish Boxing-55Ipswish Boxing-56

‘Fight Town’ comes to Suffolk

I managed to work my way into the ’Trouble in Town’ Boxing event in Ipswich earlier this month. I had a great night photographing the various boxers and trainers. Boxing was one of the first sports I photographed as a young sports photographer. Boxing in this country back in the early eighties was a much bigger affair then, and that’s how my interest in sport came about. I loved the honesty of boxers and the trainers, real genuine people. Its always amazed me how hard each fighter had to train just to compete with another boxers in the ring, let alone be a champion. I know all sportsmen and women have to put in the hard work to succeed in their chosen sport, but boxing is brutal, hard and probably the most physical sport in the world. I’ve been inside a boxing ring a few times, and it’s actually much tougher than it looks! It’s also a great testament to all those boxers who have chosen boxing as a way to either make a living or used it as a route out of the poverty trap, which the majority of boxers around the world have found themselves in. Boxing made a great impression on me from an early age, and a certain Muhammad Ali is my all time sporting hero, a man that I have the utmost respect for, respect not only for his skill as a boxer, or as a brilliant orator, but because for his integrity, standing up for what he believed in, what ever the consequences. I hope you like some my pictures from the evening.

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My visit to the Suffolk Show

This year my wife Julie and I decided to take our two kids to the Suffolk Show, it was our first visit, and I have to say I was more than impressed with the whole thing. It was really good to get a true taste of just what the countryside and towns in Suffolk have to offer.

From older traditional trades like farriers, farming and other agricultural businesses, to hundreds of varied trade stands selling everything from
great foods of all kinds, I bought some of the best cheeses I’ve ever tasted! Locally made clothes designers, art work or all kinds, interior designers, sporting events and of course a great range of local beers and ciders too. The show lasts for two days and quite frankly you definitely need both days to see all that’s on offer, the sheer variety of activities and attractions was huge!

The second day even saw Prince Harry come along to judge the ‘best in class’ farm animals, he probably got to pick out the best strawberry jam in the county too!
He went down really well, coverage of Harry’s visit was everywhere around our town for everyone to see.

We could only go for one day, but will definitely be back next year, here’s a selection of images from my day at the County fair.

Jeff Errington-8 copy

New Promotional & Marketing short Video stories.

With the availability of great high quality HD digital cameras and the current accent on capturing video content for websites, marketing and public relations, its long been a goal of mine to film and produce short stories to further my services in my commercial work. More and more businesses large and small are coming around to the fact of just how important video content is for there websites.

I along with my assistant Ben are currently putting together a series of short video stories entitled ‘Made in Suffolk’ which centres around 4 completely different individuals, but who all have one thing in common, they produce a skill or offer something a little different within the county of Suffolk.

We’re currently working with a really great guy at the moment, 70 year old Jeff Errington, a deep sea diver from his base in Ipswich, Suffolk. Jeff’s works on the giant sea container ships that come in to port at the nearby Felixstowe docks, along with other underwater marine duties such as inspecting ship wrecks, underwater explosives to servicing the massive wind turbine farms in the East Anglia area. We’re putting together a short video documentary and photographic package for his company. Great footage so far, but we’ll need another dive job before we finish the entire video. We’re waiting for the summer months before scheduling another filmed dive as the waters are so dark…this side of the Mediterranean!!

It’s a really fascinating job, deep sea divers up close. Just watching the amount of preparation that goes into each dive was a real eye opener. It goes without saying that Jeff’s job carries a certain amount of danger so making sure every bit of equipment is in good working order can make the difference to a successful dive or one that can lead to horrendous consequences.

We’re in the process of putting together a couple more promotional video’s, and we’re currently in talks with two other small businesses.

Our first finished feature has just been uploaded to Vimeo and centres around the work of garage owner Roger Williams from Wickham Market. His passion is restoring and selling vintage Jaguar C Type 1 sports cars to collectors all over the world.


Click on the image to see my video.


Getting on the Instagram bandwagon. What am I waiting for!!

johnkeatley copyGreat article about something that I’ve neglected for so many years, but not any more! This series of articles as really opened my eyes to a new way of using my photography skills, which can only be a good thing! Watch this space. These images are from a great US portrait photographer John Keatley. Instagram feed: @johnkeatley Best Of Instagram Portrait Photography

Driver with Veg Box-1 copy

Documenting Ocado’s home delivery service.

I was recently contacted by supermarket delivery company Ocado who saw a selection of my pervious work on my Behance network page, which is mainly based on my photojournalistic style of work. https://www.behance.net/johnferguson      This is the second time my Behance networking page as secured me new clients, which I suppose is ultimately what you’re hoping for when posting your work up on their site. It’s also a great source of inspiration too.

I was asked to produce a series for images for there forthcoming annual report. Images were also required for a new web and marketing promotion.

We only had two days to complete the brief, which was quite involved. We needed a combination of the ideal family house, aesthetically pleasing family members(who came down from Manchester)and most importantly, the right kind of lighting.
Part of the brief was to make the whole shoot look like it was shot on a summer’s day, the shoot was to take place in January!

I put together my team 1st and 2nd photo assistants Ben and Nick, digital operator Sheila and MUA Sarah. Arranged for all the lighting to be delivered from the Pro centre in London who specialise in my favourite lighting gear…Profoto.

The first set of images were shot outside and around the entrance to the property, I used a combination of Profoto strobes with small soft boxes with egg creates, plus my own Elinchrom ranger Quadra portable lighting kit.
The gods where smiling on us as the weather for these two days couldn’t have been any better, sunny but slightly overcast, giving me some cover for the hash January sunshine..can you believe it!

The next day prove to be much more of a challenge, both myself and the creative director felt the early images from the shoot were not what we were looking for, they looked at odds with the previous days images, we needed to change something around. We were now shooting inside the property.

I then decided to change the whole lighting set-up, moving away from the strobe lighting equipment and swapping it for Profoto’s fantastic HMI continuous lighting heads. The hours were fast ticking away, and there were some uneasy moments when I thought we were not going to finish the shoot. After a series of frantic phone calls back and forth to the Pro centre in Shoreditch and Direct lighting in London’s Waterloo, we just managed to get enough lights and equipment together to carrying on the job. The lights proved to be the perfect solution giving the images a more natural look matching the previous days mix-lighting set up. There was naturally some post-production required on the images to get that uniformed look I was looking for. The photo shoot proved to be a success, which is all you’re looking for, but it was touch and go!

Click on the image to watch the behind the scenes video with Ocado.