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Lazuli Boutique Prom shoot

Lazuli Boutique Prom shoot

Posted on April 13, 2015 by John Ferguson

I’ve just finished a lovely shoot with the Laura Manning from Lazuli Boutique up here in Suffolk. Laura runs a successful bridal and Prom dress business in Kesgrave, near Ipswich. She asked if I could produce a new set of images for the up-coming Prom Season. Laura’s boutique sells to seniors at the local girl schools in the area and wanted to reach out to these girls with a new selected of dresses for this years prom season.

The shoot was arranged pretty quickly, our make-up artist Cheri found a great location not far from Kesgrave which worked well for the shoot. Laura had two girls in mind for the shoot, girls that she thought would model her dresses perfectly, and they did, I’ll be using Ashia and Georgia again on a couple more photo shoots I have coming up later this year.

We’re hoping to put together another Bridal shoot later this year, but I looking for a slightly different location, a location that one wouldn’t normally associate with Bridal photography…something a little different!